(Play-Stop) The Sonlife Quartet was formed in January, 1976 as a ministry of their home church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. During the past 41+ years, they have presented the gospel in more than 3,000 concerts in the southeastern United States. They have sung for City Wide Crusades, Fairs, Homecomings, Retreats, Festivals, Revivals, Regional/State-wide events and various celebrations. They originated the Southern Belle Gospel Dinner Cruises where they performed for 19 years (1986-2004). They have performed in concerts with such renown artists as The Cathedrals, The Speer Family, Hovie Lister and The Statesman Quartet, The Blackwood Brothers, The Master’s Five, The Happy Goodmans and many others. They have 16 recordings produced at major studios in Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. To hear Sonlife in concert is to experience inspirational, uplifting, faith confirming message in song.